Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Developing Partnership

Mukono is a town east of Kampala
and about half way to Jinja

Over the last couple of months since we posted our first blog, and launched our non-profit organization PUR International, a lot has been happening.  Everyone on our team has been spreading the word about what we are planning.  We have several running campaigns for widowed families in the States, a campaign to raise funds for the devastating flooding in Costa Rica, and we have hit the ground running here in Uganda.

Here are some important events that have happened in the last couple of months:

  • Ricky and our friend Ken from MT came to Uganda to start getting the house ready for the Kanagy's to live, and for future teams.
  • Several campaigns for widowed families, and the campaign for Costa Rica have been running on the website.
  • We have planned and run a campaign for our first team trip, "The Foundation Trip", which will be at the end of this month (October).
  • The Kanagy's officially moved to Mukono, Uganda, and are doing further preparations for life in Uganda, and for hosting teams.

True Vine's Church building in Mukono

True Vine's school in Mukono

A lot of work has went into all that has happened up to this point, and there is much work to be done as we continue to pursue the dream that the Lord has put into our hearts.  So many different people have played a part so far in helping to make this dream become a reality.  Over and over the Lord has been speaking to our hearts the idea of Partnership.  The members of the PUR International team have partnered with each other to figure out what roles and responsibilities we need to fill.  We are partnering with the ministry here in Mukono called True Vine to help us to navigate the ins and outs of life and ministry in Uganda, and to make preparations for future projects.  Many other people have made the decision to support what we want to do, and take partner with us in whatever way they can.

True Vine's Medical Clinic in Mukono

We need your support.  You can join with us to make a positive impact in the lives of others.  One of the biggest reasons this Adventure is so exciting to us is because it is an opportunity to join hands with so many people to accomplish more good than any of us could on our own.  What is your passion?  What are you gifted at?  You can add a piece to this puzzle that no one else can.  You have something special to offer that will add an element of beauty to this whole experience for everyone that is involved.  Like I said, we need you.  Some can contribute through their communication on social media, and through conversations with friends.  Some can contribute through prayer, and by making donations to a trip or campaign on our website.  Some can contribute by organizing a campaign for PUR Compassion or joining a PUR Service Team Trip.  If you are interested in how you can get involved Contact Us!  Be sure to let us know what your interests/gifts are.  If you have some idea of how you would like to get involved, let us know.  There are several campaigns that are currently running on the website to raise financial support for widowed families, our first team trip to Uganda, and for the devastation from flooding in Costa Rica.  You can view them on Our Website.

During this first trip to Uganda we will be working with True Vine to plan out PUR Service trips for the whole year of 2018.  We have two trips already scheduled that you are welcome to sign up for.  We have a trip during the very end of December and beginning of January 2018 in which we will be working with an organization known as Watoto Wasoka to organize a soccer tournament that will host, lodge, and feed over 2,000 children from the slum areas of Kampala, Uganda.  We also have a trip coming during the second half of February in which we will be partnering with True Vine ministry to help them with their planting season.  We also have a Medical Outreach Trip coming up in April.  You can view all of these on our Upcoming Trips Page.  If you are interested in any of these, contact us today.
The Beautiful house where we will be hosting teams.
I know, it's not the mud hut you expected.

The last thing to mention at this point in the adventure is that we, the Kanagy family, are in need of any financial support that you can give.  We have been in contact with so many of you over the last few months communicating what we are doing, and inviting you to come along with us.  We have a beautiful house and two vehicles that have been provided for us here in Uganda, but we will be relying on financial support from our friends and family for our everyday personal expenses such as medical needs, food, fuel, and other household expenses while we are not hosting teams.  We are very fortunate to have the things provided for us that we do.  Our financial needs are not huge.  The cost of living here is quite low compared to the US, but we still cannot sustain a living here without people like you donating to support us through the PUR website.  If you are able to give please Click Here and donate today.

Thank you for your support!