Friday, November 30, 2018

Making the Most of It

As of today, Nov. 30, 2018, we have exactly two months remaining in Uganda before we go back to the US.  This past month has been one of the busiest months we have had, and next month is sure to be even busier.  During this month we helped to add two rooms onto a one room house for a widow and her family.  We hosted Brandon and Erica Kanagy.  Brandon helped Andrew with the home, and Erica volunteered at Victor's Junior Christian School and Girls of Destiny Training Center.  All of us worked with a village church to deliver 20 care packages to needy families that were funded by a community in Alaska.  In the middle of all of that, we also took some time to show Brandon and Erica some of the great tourist experiences Uganda has to offer!

Here is a recap of this past month using some of our pics:

This picture shows the original small one room home that Nalongo lived in
with her two daughters and her granddaughter.

This is Nalongo.  She prepared lunch for the workers each and every day
during the work.  She was so happy and excited.

This is Brandon in his element.  He got to help with mixing some of the cement
and some of the other stuff, but painting is his favorite.

This is the view of the house from the road just before it was painted.

This was taken after the home was finished.  Nalongo invited all of us to
come share a meal in her new home.

Erica is a children's librarian in NC, so she was invited to read some of her
favorite books to some of the younger students at Victors.
They enjoyed it so much!

Erica is also great at sewing.  She volunteered several days with the Girls of Destiny
Training Center where she showed them how to make a quilt.
This shows all of the supplies given with the 20 care packages.  Each package
cost $30 and supplied a bucket, a basin, cooking oil, soap, rice, beans,
maize flour, sugar, and salt.

We were so glad we were able to include our children as we
worked to deliver the care packages.  We were all able to
say a prayer over the people that were receiving.

All of the families were so happy to be given these simple gifts.
Many of them also needed medical attention which we were
not prepared for.  As we deliver more in December we will
be taking medical staff and medication with us.

We were joined by volunteers from the local church in the village to help
us hand out all of the packages.

We took one night and stayed at a guest house on Lake Victoria at a place
called Musana Camps.  It was gorgeous and fun!

We also took a day and went to Nile River Camp in Jinja.  It is right along
the Nile River and has paddle boarding, and a rope swing.
We were so grateful to have the time with Brandon and Erica.  We
all agreed that it would have been a lot harder to say goodbye
if we didn't know that we will be together again in 2 months.

This coming month of December we will be hosting Ricky and Becca Waitman and their family, as well as Jess and Hallie Clark from Alaska.  We will all be working together to conduct a Basketball Camp at Nation Changers Primary School.  We will also be working with other village churches to deliver 80 more care packages.  It will be busy, but we will be making some time to do some site seeing while the Waitman's are here with us as well.

We are still in the process of raising funds for the Basketball Camp and for Jess and Hallie's trip.  If you are interested in donating you can do so by Clicking Here.  Also, if you want to give to help support the Kanagy's any further as they transition back to the US to figure out life there, you can do so by Clicking Here.

We are so excited about everything we have been and are still able to do here in Uganda since we have been here.  We have been here just over a year, but we have been able to be involved in so many different things, and help so many different people in different ways.  Thank you so much to everyone that has helped to make this time for us possible.  May God Bless you richly!

Till Next Time, We Love You Guys!!