Friday, April 20, 2018

Love Never Fails!!

Beautiful people from the village of Kyajja awaiting
treatment during the 1st day of the Medical Camp

Well, another month has come and gone.  We have been here just over 6 months now.  During the second half of March we were focussed on our gardens and on getting all of our legal paperwork done from staying long-term.  The father of our intern Shelby came over and stayed with us for about 3 weeks to help us and to share this special time with his daughter.  They helped us with both of the gradens, to move the greenhouse a little closer to being ready to grow tomatoes and peppers, and to just love on the people that have been placed in our lives here in Uganda.  We were sad to have to say goodbye to both Shelby and her father at the beginning of April, but we were very grateful for the time we had with them, and for the help that they were with the projects that are going on.

We said goodbye (for now) to our friend Shelby

Shelby's father Joe spent 3 weeks with us and was
able to fly home with Shelby.  Millie liked
Joe's hat.

Heidi and Shelby had some great time together
during the time she was here.  God knows
exactly what we need, and He likes us

Soon after Shelby and Joe left, we had the arrival of a team of 5 from Williston, ND for a Medical Outreach Trip.  The trip started off with some challenges.  They had brought over 7 large totes full of medical equipment that was intended to be donated to the True Vine medical clinic.  All of that equipment was confiscated at the airport, and taken to Kampala for inspection.  We are glad to report that there was nothing that was able to stop the success of every aspect of this trip, including the delivery of ALL of those medical supplies.  We were able recover them after a few days of communication with the National Drug Authority here in Uganda.

Even though it didn't look like we would get the
medical supplies back, WE DID!
We were able to give all of the supplies
and all the leftover drugs from the camp
to two local medical clinics.

After the medical team arrived, they had one day of introduction/rest, and then they went to work.  The four ladies on the team and Heidi worked along side volunteers and medical staff from Uganda to conduct a 3 day medical camp in two different locations where over 1,000 people were given free treatment for many different types of ailments and illnesses.  The staff from True Vine also had ministers who spoke to the people that were waiting in line, and reported at least 15 people who made decisions to give their lives to Christ.  Also during the medical camp, two of the ladies on the team were able to hand how hundreds of pillow case dresses that they had sewn before coming into the country.  Many, many people were helped in many different ways during the course of those 3 days.

Kathryn Waitman led our team during the
medical camp.  She was such a strong
leader.  I think she would have worked
through the night if we would have let her.

This is our team along with the team from True Vine
at the clinic in Walusubi where we spent the last
2 days of the camp.

While the women were working on the medical camp, the men worked on a pit latrine for a widow named Robina, and her 4 children.  Robina and her family live in a one room home not very far from Victor's Christian School.  They had no place to bathe or use the bathroom.  They had created a make shift enclosure in the back of their home to use for bathing, and if they needed to use the bathroom that would use a bucket there, or use their neighbors.  We were able to build her a latrine with two stalls and a room to use for bathing.  We worked along side of 3 Ugandan men that know more about masonry in Uganda than we did.  Robina was so grateful for the latrine.  Her and her whole family were very blessed by it.

This is the small house where Robina and her family stay.
The shed on the side is their outdoor kitchen.
On the other side of that is the pit latrine.

This is the place that Robina had made for them to bathe
behind their house.

Randy and I with the grateful widow, and
the completed latrine!

So many people benefited from the team that came.  The impact goes way beyond the 5 Americans and the people treated and the widow and her family.  Many different people were involved with helping the team from the US to get here through monetary donations, time spent sewing clothing that was handed out, and donating other items that were given away.  Different people gave towards helping us to purchase the thousands of dollars of drugs and medical equipment that was used during the camp, and all that was left over that was donated to the local clinics.  Many, many people here in Uganda were indirectly impacted from all that was done here during the short time they were here.  The team displayed a heart of service in the face of all the sacrifice that it takes to come across the world on a trip like this and come to a place that is so different and unfamiliar.  Thanks to ALL that were involved in EVERY way no matter how small.

Heidi and the sewing ladies Pat and Bev spent most of the
day on Saturday teaching girls from the Girls of
Destiny Training Center how to sew reusable
sanitary pads.

Now it is time for us to get back to a routine until YOU and the team that YOU are coming with comes over to take part in what is happening here.  The soccer team at Victor's finished their fist season last Saturday.  The first term of the academic year is almost over for the students at Victor's.  Andrew has about another week and a half to finish up the discipleship class at both locations where we have been teaching the Bible to young church leaders at different churches.  Heidi and the kids will be getting back to a regular schedule for homeschooling.  

On Sunday while the team was here Heidi
brought out our new snazzy outfits.
I Love My Family!

We are beginning to get the first fruits of our harvest at the garden, so Andrew and Tanner will be spending time helping with that and making sure the monies are handled well and that there is a system in place to make it a project that is able to support itself.  There is also work to be done in the greenhouse as the seedlings will soon be transplanted into planting bags where they will grow for almost a year.  The chickens are continuing to grow.  They are doing well.  They should be laying eggs by the middle of June.

We had to put a good picture of Tanner.
He is loving life here.  He has decided
to stay with us for a year.  We thank God for
his heart to serve the people here.

Thank you all for your continued support.  If you are interested in helping to support our stay here financially, Our Fundraising Campaign on the PUR website can now support recurring monthly donations for your convenience.  If you would like to come and serve with us this summer, we have a deal that is explained on the Upcoming Trips page on our website.  You and your team can come and see us on a 10 day trip for $1,000 plus airfare.  You won't find a better deal anywhere, just ask anyone who has come so far.  We feed you good, we have a great place to stay, and we are surrounded by some really precious people.  If you have the desire to come later on or next year, let us know and we will start organizing a team trip for you.  If you would like to come and stay with us as an intern like Shelby and Tanner, we have room for that too.  Just let us know!  We love and miss all of you!  We hope to see you here soon!  Stay in touch!

The Kanagy's
PUR International
Mukono, Uganda

God Bless You All from Mukono, Uganda