Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Thank You!

A genuine and sincere THANK YOU to everyone that has helped to make our time here possible.  We leave Uganda in one week.  There is so much that has been accomplished in our short time here.  None of it would have been possible without generous contributions from hundreds of people, and many hours of work from hundreds of volunteers.  Here is a list of everything PUR International has been able to help organize and oversee since we came in October of 2017:

·       Construction of Chicken House at Victor's Junior Christian School
·       Raising/Feeding of 2200 Laying Hens
·       Production of 1900 Eggs per day
·       Feeding of Eggs to Students 2-3 Times a Week
·       Feeding of Vegetables to Students Daily
·       Planting and Harvesting of School Garden for 2 full growing seasons
·       Planting for 2 growing seasons at Garden for Village of Grace (home for orphans)
·       Construction, Planting, Harvesting of Greenhouse
·       Organized Soccer Program at Victor’s for over 1 year
·       Team played in Primary School’s League, Municipality Competitions, and 2 Christmas Camps
·       Sponsored a widow's 6 children for a full school year
·       Construction of 4 Pit Latrines
·       Construction to finish homes for 2 widows
·       Building of 30 desks for Victor’s
·       3-Day Medical Camp providing free treatment for over 1,000 people
·       6 months of discipleship teaching both in Mukono and to church members in village of Kyajja
·       2 Semesters of Culinary Training of girls from Girls of Destiny Training Center
·       Delivery of over 120 care packages to needy families
·       Basketball Camp at Nation Changers for 80 young players
·       Donations of shoes, sports equipment, medical supplies, Bibles, clothes, material for GOD
·       Training of Medical Staff, Teaching Staff with CPR, and GOD girls with sewing
·       Distribution of hundreds of Sanitary Pads to young ladies from several schools and villages
·       Hosting of 27 people from the US on Short Term trips
·       Hosting of 2 Interns (1 for 3 months, and 1 for 4 months)
·       Full Time Employment of 8 People
·       Part Time work for many others on different projects

So many lives have been impacted.  We cannot say thank you enough to everyone that has helped to make our time here possible, and to make it possible to be a part of everything that has been accomplished.  We are sad to be leaving the many friends we have made here, but we are excited that we will be able to come back to see them soon.  PUR International is still planning to host another medical camp here in Uganda in April, and to organize a building project in August.

Thank You!

Thank You!

Thank You!

It's been a HUGE team effort!

This month has been another busy one.  We started with Andrew being gone at the Christmas Camp soccer tournament with boys from Victor's, and Heidi and the kids at home beginning the process of making the move back to the US.

Andrew had a great time at the soccer tournament with the boys.  The team played well, but the competition was very good.  They only won one game, but everyone still enjoyed the experience very much.  It was great to be a part of making some memories with those boys.

We got up every morning and did a training session.

After training we would do a morning devotion together.

We all made some great memories together.

The Sunday after Andrew returned from the Christmas Camp was spent at another village church handing out more care packages to needy families.  These packages were distributed in the village of Kitoola, which is where we plan to build a church in August.  The church is pastored by a wonderful man named Peter who lives in the community.  They were meeting at a school, but the school's owner will not allow them to meet there anymore.  Currently they are meeting in a shelter made of wooden poles and a large orange plastic tarp.  The shelter is on the property where the church will be built.  This is where we built our very first pit latrine in November of 2017.

Tanner and Pastor Adam praying for a lady that chose to make
Jesus Lord of her life during care package delivery

One of the families that received a package in Kitoola

Church Service in Kitoola

This is Pastor Peter and his family at their home in Kitoola

After the Sunday in Kitoola we still had several care packages to distribute to some of our neighbors and to people we know from our church in Mukono that would benefit most.  While we did deliver those packages throughout the next week, our minds shifted into "Go Mode".  We have spent the last several weeks figuring out what we need to pack, what we need to sell, what we need to give away, and what needs to go into the trash.  It's been a huge undertaking, but we have had the right amount of time to do it in.  Most of it has gone really smooth, and we have still had time to spend with the people we have been developing relationships with over the past 16 months.

Delivering a care package at the home of some of our
good friends Rose and Farouk

Heidi playing Skip-Bo with children from some of the families
we have grown close to during our time here.
This was a birthday celebration for one of the boys that belongs
to some friends of ours that serve here in Uganda, and are
from Tennessee.

We were able to spend some time with Tanner's parents while they were
here visiting from ND.

It is true that we are very excited to get back to the US.  There is a lot that we are looking forward to in our return home.  Still, there is a lot here that we will miss.  God has been so good to us.  He has helped to make our time here productive in so many ways.  We thank HIM, and we thank YOU for this opportunity.  We know that our family has grown in so many ways as a result of this experience.  We pray that the seeds that have been sown will continue to reap a great harvest in our lives and in the lives of everyone that has been impacted as a result of our time here.

Happy New Year, and God Bless You from Uganda!

The Kanagy's


  1. Indeed you guys have blessed us, May God bless you abundantly, keep you safe and remain generous even More than what you have done for us.

  2. What will happen with PUR after you return and after the two return trips? Do you plan on doing the same work elsewhere?

  3. So amazed, GOD you are so good! What a blessing for so many, thank you Jesus! God bless you! Hallelujah!

  4. Hello John and Robin! PUR is just getting started. PUR will continue to be involved in Uganda and in several other countries such as Costa Rica, Haiti, and others. We will continue to be involved with PUR. There are still a few question marks about exactly what PUR will look like and exactly what our involvement with PUR will look like in the future. We are all committed to the next two trips, and after seeing what our life looks like in the US, we will all figure out the answers to some of those other question marks. Thanks for asking! Stay in touch with us. If you guys want to be involved with something in the future, we can totally put something together. Much Love! Andrew and Heidi